Every year different charity events take place in TSMU. For example, the bake fair where volunteers and students can show their talents and creativity. They bake some pastry or anything that tastes good. The earned money is given to soldiers or seriously ill people.

Also it is important to mention the traditional charity event «St. Nicholas won’t forget about you» during which students of all courses collect money for low-income families or families with disabled children. Volunteers contact parents to ask them what children need, set up the time for the meeting and make a surprise for babies. We have to remember that we are the helpers of St. Nicholas and this is undoubtedly the best charity event because children are the most sincere creatures in the world. Nothing can be compared to the passion and happiness in their eyes. After that we realize the work is justified, and the endless fuss, selection of gifts worth it.

Also, volunteers have been visiting the children’s hematology department for two years. Last year the next things were purchased: necessary nebulizers for the department and patients, tonometers, expensive drugs that are needed to take after chemotherapy, hygiene products and washing powders. It was implemented with the help of students.

It is worth to know that there are trips to the hospice permanently. Thanks to the students who find time after lessons and on the weekend to visit weak people, feed, help and support them.
Recently trips to the Charity House in Chortkiv were organised. Many children with special needs live and study there. Sometimes volunteers go to them with an entertainment program but the next time the trip will contain a therapeutic massage because volunteers has undergone a course of a therapeutic massage and they are ready to help children.

It’s needed to know that students of TSMU spread the knowledge about desease prevention. In particular, when they organise the days of diabetes, cardiovascular system, tuberculosis, epilepsy; cancer, mammary glands, immunity and health day for the public. It takes place in the malls, city centre or schools. The volunteer group talk about the risk group and how to prevent certain diseases. Also, blood glucose level or visual acuity can be measured.